YLE 118 Pro Model

YLE 118 Pro Model

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Wiley Miller, an iconic figure in the freestyle skiing world, has been captivating our eyes in front of cameras since the early 2000s. Renowned for his incredible backcountry segments in numerous Level 1 Production films, Wiley's journey in the skiing industry has been marked by several Pro Models, multiple ski designs, independent film projects, and even a pilot's license for his own backcountry adventures.

Seven years ago, in 2017, Wiley joined forces with RMU, and the release of his Pro Model, the YLE 118, during the 2017/2018 season became a pivotal addition to our ski lineup. Wiley's vision for this ski was clear: to craft an "all-mountain" masterpiece tailored to excel at higher speeds and softer snow conditions.

The YLE 118 shines with its subtle symmetrical change in the tip and tail, particularly in deep powder, where it seamlessly navigates turns without a hint disturbance. It has also received widespread acclaim from media and athletes alike for its remarkable ability to pivot sharply, whether on groomed trails or in challenging crud, all the while retaining its big mountain potential.

The key to this adaptability lies in its dual radii design. With that subtle symmetry change tip and tail, the ski boasts a 25 meter radius in these areas, which truly bring the ski into its own in deep snow. When tackling the backcountry with the YLE 118, expect fluid, sweeping turns that minimize the risk of catching an edge on anything unexpected. 

In contrast, the radius underfoot and the cambered area of the YLE 118 measures 17 meters. This shorter radius enables nimble and agile turns, ideal for carving up resort terrain. Wiley's foresight in creating this dual radii acknowledges the reality that not every resort run offers pristine, untouched snow. The YLE 118 offers versatility, seamlessly transitioning between powerful powder skiing and the crud of the resort, thanks to this 17-meter radius underfoot.

After 6 years, the YLE 118 is still one of the most dynamic and adaptable skis out there today.

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Built With 100% Renewable Energy

  • Radius: 25 m
  • Sidecut: 119mm - 141mm - 118mm - 134mm - 107mm
  • 2112g
  • Freeride Mount Point: 3.5 cm
  • Traditional Mount Point: 5 cm
  • Profile: 25% - 50% - 25%
  • Tip Rise: 75 mm
  • Tail Rise: 45 mm
  • Rubber Tail Protector: Yes
  • Poplar Core With Beech Mount Plate

Top Down Construction

  • ICP 8210 PI19 Nylon Top Sheet
  • Extra Thick ABS Sidewall 8.5mm
  • 22Oz Pre-Preg Heavy Duty Triax Fiberglass
  • Poplar Wood Core With Beech Mounting Plate
  • Thin Felt To Increase Adhesion
  • ABS Tip And Tail Spacer For Superior Dampening
  • 22Oz Pre-Preg Heavy Duty Triax Fiberglass
  • Thin Felt To Increase Adhesion
  • Full Wrap Rubber VDS For Superior Dampening
  • Extra Thick Steel Edges 2.3mm
  • Okulen 7150 C Graphite Race Base
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100% Renewable Energy

Using Hydro & Geothermal Energy, We Manufacture With Up To 75% Less CO2 Output

Lifetime Warranty

Handcrafted and Built To Last A Lifetime.


Wiley Miller

"...I designed this ski (YLE 118) to handle certain attributes of skiing better then others. Understandably I want these things to be able to handle powder, handle high speed but also be able to charge the mountain everyday, so it needs to turn and it cant be a 2 x 6. So I understand that there is some give and take with this ski the use is good in powder, playful, but needs to handle high speed, jumps, and skiable through the trees or chop on the mountain....the ski is not asymmetrical, the sidecut is the same on both skis inside or outside. One thing RMU and I focused on is that for the longest time skis were designed as an individual which makes sense but for this ski and what it is meant to do we were inspired by the entire canvas of the board. I guess if you thought of it like a no board or a surfboard and cut it in two you start to get a much different shape then as just one ski. "

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