After a long winter it seems each piece of gear finds a new home, so setting up for the first trip always take a bit longer, and has a special way of making you feel new at riding your bike.  Being based in Summit County we don't get to ride year round and it truly is a shift of gears to put away the skis and get the bikes ready.
We left on a Thursday evening,..... this day in age Thursday has become clutch for camping in Moab. From Frisco to Fruita is only a three hour drive but the roads can be hit or miss with snow cover and variable conditions leaving the high country.
Horsetheif // Fruita
With just three nights we packed light tents, water, and planning to eat or grab food on our way through town. Its crazy how a couple people can fill a truck pretty quick when you include bikes, riding gear, and  then add camping gear on top.  With the weather factor we decided to cover our truck bed with the bikes on top and leave the racks when we get our camp set up for easier shuttling.
Best case if you leave Summit County at 4pm you are getting to Moab by dark so stopping by Fruita for the horsetheif trails is a good way to split up the drive.  
 I get it these trails are found out, it doesn’t mean that riding Fruita isn't fun and as a first ride to check your gear and make adjustments there is no better place for setting up suspension, adjusting a new bike, or quite honestly just getting your shit together.  You get a mixed bag in Fruita from the technical entrance to smooth and flowy trails,  but most importantly its just a fun ride.  Check out the rough cut footage from the go pro below.

 We were lucky enough to have Ben Ferrante from Rocky Mountain wheel works join us. Ben who specializes in high end bike and setup and repair is nice to have on a ride.   If you find your self riding with mechanics the thing is that if they are riding they want to actually ride and not fix everyone's bike so Ben gave us the following get your shit together tips. 

  • Tubeless - Time to refresh! Most sealants will dry up over our winters, its a good idea to crack the bead and add some sealant. 
  • Brake pads - Take a look at both the front and rear pads - be sure they have enough life on them. Are your brake spongy - when was your last bleed?
  • Chain - Is your drivetrain clean? How's you chain measure, might be time for a replacement to keep that expensive cassette in good shape. 
  • Shifting - Is your shifting smooth or making lots of noise? A small tweak of cable adjustment might be needed to tune it in or maybe its time for new cables & housing if things are feeling sticky.
  • Suspension - I recommend having your suspension serviced at least ONCE a year - remember your dropper should be part of that too.
Hopefully with a few small tweaks your shred sled will be ready to rumble and treat you right for the first few rides of the season. If you have questions or want to schedule a service hit him up 970-541-2453, @RockyMountainWheelWorks


After riding horse thief a stop by the Hot Tomato is the only way to guarantee safe passage to Moab.  What the owners have done for the town and biking in the community is important for me to support.   It also saves a night of cooking and thus dishes. You can pretty much find any New Belgium beer on tap, a variety of healthy pizza ( yes it does exist) and the best Stromboli in Colorado. 



Rolling in late to Moab In April..... yikes.   As we were riding porcupine rim and shuttling above the sand flats taking a long approach to a remote campsite at 10p.m. was out.  Our approach is camping the first night at the Klondike bluff trails. First of all Its free,  the views of the La Sal’s are incredible, and if you need to check in with work like we did for Friday am the full service can really make it seem like your in the office still.   



Day 2 Porcupine rim

We took our time getting started the next morning and this is a bit intentional. Most people who ride UPS or LPS will grab a local shuttle for 25 bucks but we were lucky enough to meet some friends and shuttle cars.   Timing can be everything as most of the commercial shuttles run tell 2p.m.   If you have the option running of running it after 2p.m. you can find a more exclusive experience. One other tip is to not forget your park pass for the shuttle vehicle!

 Tough to say if there is any better ride then porcupine rim as it over looks one of the coolest landscapes in Moab.  Right off the start is the a couple technical corners that are good for bucking up and quite literally getting back on the horse that bit you.

It seems people are split on what part of the ride the like the most with the amazing views at the start to the faster paced trail at the bottom.  The lower half of the ride is world class and my personal favorite.  I dropped in a couple videos of each for you to decide.




Free water and Showers

At this point after riding for two hours in 93 degree heat dirt bag status was in full effect. Poison spider the bike shop off main offers $5 showers and free water for anyone camping.  After two rides and two days it was much needed.  Pretty much a mandatory stop! 


Day 3  Jacksons AKA Death on the Left.
Knowing we had to drive back to Frisco in the afternoon we always try to get on the road by 1p.m. at the latest this gives you enough time to get bikes back in the house and the truck cleaned before its fully dark.
So to start off Day 3, we went with Amasa back headed towards the world famous Captain Ahabs. Took a right to the lesser known but equally fun descent Jacksons.   Instead of climbing to the top of Ahab's the Junction to Jackson's splits a bit earlier on the climb and can make for a  little bit quicker lap overall or great evening ride.  
Having Alex with us is always awesome and I dropped in a couple quick shots for you all from the drone so you can see where the trail gets its AKA.
For us these three trials are cult classics.  There is just so much to ride in Moab and I have found half of the experience can be going with somebody who knows how to link all the days together.   Sharing the beta of where to camp how to ride and when to ride can be huge in making or breaking the experience and sometimes the sport for people.   
 Thanks for following our quick trip If you interested in what Im using for gear I have included them below.  I want to give a huge thanks again to Alex and @summit_aerial_media for all the shots of the trip. 



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