Finding A Sense Of Community

Finding A Sense Of Community

Moving to new places in search of adventure and belonging is something many of us have done. Whether it's for a short while or a lifetime, the uncertainty and starting from scratch can be intimidating, no matter how many times you've gone through it. But the great thing about mountain towns is knowing that you'll meet like-minded folks who are also seeking new experiences and adventures. The values we share, the thrill of conquering new peaks, the favorite chairlifts, and uncovering hidden camping spots—these are the things that bring us together. Yet, the trickiest part can be finding a place to truly call home.


Truckee RideO

In mountain towns, finding a sense of belonging and a community can be a real challenge. It's a strange feeling to be surrounded by genuine people who share your passions, values, sports, and hobbies, but still feel like something's missing to make it truly feel like home.

What we all crave are those shared experiences. Sure, they say "no friends on a powder day," but riding solo is never quite as fun. It's not the same without someone to laugh with after wiping out or to pump you up before taking on a big drop. So, sometimes it's worth waiting for the right moment to ride together.


Zach Kent knows this feeling all too well from his time in Truckee. He recently took up a new sport and was on the lookout for mountain biking buddies to explore new trails with. Zach was in search of that final missing piece—a connection to share new memories with.

This missing piece, Zach found during the RMU Truckee Ride-Os. Every Wednesday night, the local community gathers for a group mountain bike Ride-O. It's an opportunity to ride new trails, make new friends, and enjoy a few drinks together. The event is laid-back and relaxed, with no pressure or worries.


VZH Truckee Rideo Ripping

The RMU Ride-Os originated in Breckenridge with the goal of creating a regular community mountain bike ride, something that surprisingly didn't exist in our mountain town. We started with a simple weekly event on weekdays at 5 pm. Over time, it has grown into a crew of 20 riders hitting the local trails. RMU employees, regulars from the area, and new faces all come together to hang out after a day of work. We choose a trail difficulty that suits the whole group, ensuring everyone can ride together and have a blast.

The Ride-Os have been a huge success in Breckenridge, and that success has carried over to our Truckee location—a town that was also missing a mountain bike community ride. The convenience, friendly faces, and the added bonus of cheap drinks (often accompanied by live music) at the RMU shop have made this weekly event we don't want to miss.

We want to extend our gratitude to Zach for sharing his experience with the Truckee Ride-O. We're thrilled to hear about the positive impact it has had on him. We're excited to keep Ridin' Ride-Os and continue finding a place to call home in each of these new mountain towns.


"Finding like-minded people in mountain towns and outdoor sports is fairly easy. Odds are, the people you meet are all into the same sports, same activities, and love life in the mountains just as much as you do. But, finding a true sense of community is a more difficult task.
You need shared experiences. You need a strong sense of belonging and a means of bringing people together. RMU fostered that culture and brought together the community of people who really got me into biking, helped push me to get better, and became some of my best friends. And it all started by just showing up to a Wednesday night group ride."

- Zach Kent

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