Krafted Productions Presents: Water The Plants

Krafted Productions Presents: Water The Plants

Brought to us and supported by Vancouver Island Brewery, Krafted Productions, led by Joey Kraft, a former RMU kitchen and retail employee, produced its second annual ski film and won the Amateur Ski Film Of The Year at IF3's 2023 Awards. "Water The Plants" is a raw ski film that takes us from urban skiing in the city of Calgary to the backcountry of Whistler and Pemberton. Its screen presence showcases the joy, pain, and excitement that skiing offers every time you click in.

The athletes include Cat Agnew, Shondra Charbonneau, and RMU skiers Luca Natale, Kyle Coxworth, Will Fossum, and Jacob Belanger. Jacob also took home the Amateur Skier Of The Year award at IF3's 2023 Awards for his segment in this film.

IF3 2023 Amateur Film Of The Year

Joey Kraft Award Winner

The Artist

Joey Kraft's journey with RMU began in 2019 when our RMU Whistler Concept Location opened. Kirill Kokorin, a current RMU Whistler Ambassador, met CEO & Founder Mike Waesche at the local Lost Lake Park, introducing a whole local community to RMU's intended goal. Joey quickly developed an interest in RMU's objective, being a local skier who had relocated to Whistler from Ontario to pursue the skiing lifestyle.

Even before RMU officially opened, Joey could be found constructing tables and laying bricks in the RMU location, before assuming a role in the kitchen. With his open personality, there were more than a couple of Club-Joeys held in the kitchen while the front of the house was packed shoulder to shoulder.

With a keen desire to learn more and invest in the ski industry, Joey took on the role of Retail & Events Manager at RMU Whistler, expanding our ambassador program with local core skiers, many of whom still ride with us today. Community-focused, Joey's influence played an integral part in RMU's growth in Whistler, involving GNAR days, local film competitions, and assistance with marketing projects company-wide.

Joey discovered opportunities within the Whistler community to further pursue his passion for filmmaking, and his skills, awareness, and passion exponentially grew. Joey departed from RMU in 2022 to pursue his own filmmaking opportunities, releasing his first film, "Braj" with RMU and other local skiers. He has only continued to thrive in the skiing and film industry with his latest release, "Water The Plants" and we couldn't be more excited to watch his adventure.

"While I no longer work for RMU I still feel right at home at the shop and still feel like a part of the team" - Joey Kraft


The Skiers

Jacob Belanger Portrait

Jacob recently clinched the title of Amateur Skier of the Year at the 2023 IF3 festival in Whistler, BC. Hailing from Lac Beauport, Québec, he embarked on his skiing journey at the young age of 2 at his local resort, Le Relais. Jacob's skiing prowess was passed down through generations, as he was taught by his father and grandfather from the moment he could walk. In 2020, Jacob made the move to Whistler to explore larger mountains and backcountry terrain.

RMU piqued his interest when he noticed the custom Rippah graphic on RMU local Kyle Coxworth's skis, which gained popularity in the Whistler/Blackcomb park. Jacob expressed his admiration for the company, stating, "I really loved the vibe of the company with the resto/bar/ski shop at the bottom of the ski hill! The switch to RMU skis just came naturally, and I'm so stoked about it!"


Kyle Coxworth

Kyle Coxworth, much like many Whistler locals, hails originally from Ontario. Having spent his formative years skiing in Ontario's park and urban culture, Kyle decided to embrace the skiing lifestyle by making the move to Whistler at the age of 20. This transition included several friends from Ontario, and their crew, "Spring & Friends," consistently frequented the Black Park of Whistler Blackcomb season after season. Kyle's introduction to RMU came about by watching Ethan Swadburg, and, like numerous other current RMU athletes, he became actively involved in the community through the establishment of our Whistler location.

In 2021, we were thrilled to collaborate with Kyle on a pair of limited edition skis. Kyle designed the topsheet himself, drawing inspiration from his photography work. His Kyle Coxworth LTD's made a significant impact, taking the Black Park by storm during the winter of 2021.


Luca Natale Portrait

Hailing from Quebec, Luca Natale is another slopestyle skier turned all-mountain shredder. Luca made the move to Whistler several years ago and has since spent the majority of his time chasing deep snow and tearing up the mountain with speed and style. On and off the mountain, Luca brings a fun, positive attitude, making him an ideal addition to any chairlift ride, ski trip, or après-ski session. For the upcoming season, Luca plans to continue filming and, in general, just have fun on his skis.

Hailing from Ottawa, Ontario, Will is a 21-year-old slopestyle skier who relocated to Whistler shortly after high school. Although no longer competing, Will has transitioned into a role as a freestyle ski coach, nurturing the next generation of skiers in everything style has to offer. In his free time, Will aims to film ski edits as much as possible.

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