Truckee Bike Nights

Truckee Bike Nights

Truckee, California is a true mountain town, a tight knit community nestled in the gateway to the Sierra Nevada mountains. As the summer heat crawls in, skiers and boarders swap their winter coats for bikes and skates. Personally though, think whoever invented the bicycle deserves a round of applause from humanity. Every first Thursday of the month during the summer, Truckee Bike Night brings the community together on two wheels. Witnessing hundreds of locals dressed head to toe in costume while flooding the streets of downtown Truckee is a sight to be seen.

Smiles, laughter and great people is what you’ll find if you decide to roll on through historic downtown Truckee on bike night, which typically concludes at RMU, where you can experience some of the best cuisine and craft cocktails the town has to offer. After all, a healthy social life is found only when the whole community finds its reflection with each other. The true vision of an active life, good vibes and some good drinks and food!

Bike night is for the people, the greater good of the community, but most accurately measured by the compassion of its members.


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