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Boutique Breckenridge-based Outdoors Brand Bolsters Team With Ski Talent

Breckenridge, CO, December 11, 2017 – Rocky Mountain Underground (RMU), the 100% employee-owned ski brand known for their core approach to ski design and manufacturing, is proud to announce the newest addition to their team, Wiley Miller. Originally from Billings, MT but now residing near Whistler, BC, Miller is a bona fide legend in the ski world. His work as a competitive and film athlete as well as background in product development and design has had a profound effect on the industry and sport for the past decade.

This new partnership with Miller encompasses RMU’s expansion of not only their athlete ambassador program, on which Miller will sit, compete and film for, but also in product development and design of skis and outdoors gear offerings from the hand-crafted outdoors brand. Miller comes from an immersive design and development background, through major roles in product development with 4FRNT Skis, and over 10 years of dedicated work and film segments with Level 1 Productions.

As such, RMU and Miller will kick off the partnership by utilizing Miller’s expertise and passion through the 2017/18 winter to prototype new skis and develop a Miller pro-model by season end. From topsheet art to form and function, Miller will have creative control over designing a ski that performs just as he skis, playful in pow, progressive and high performance. In true RMU fashion, an involving two-part blog series will be created around the process of the ski production, for viewers to follow along on progress, releasing 12/16 on RMU’s YouTube channel RMUSkis; http://bit.ly/2B1OgYl.

President of RMU, Mike Waesche, said; “RMU is a brand pushing innovation and quality, and Wiley’s vision, passion and attention to detail is something we know our ski line will benefit from. We’ve officially moved production to the Blizzard Ski factory in Mittersill but all skis from Wiley’s series will be prototyped in Breckenridge, keeping it local and fresh, two things our brand is committed to.”

Miller joins local Breckenridge-based RMU athletes Ben Smith and Ethan Swadburg to ensure the future of RMU’s ski line, their positions as athlete product developers providing an extra layer of involvement and passion, as well as trust and authenticity, to RMU’s ski offerings.

Miller voiced his enthusiasm over the partnership; “I’m stoked to be working with a team as passionate and purposeful as RMU. This really is a step in the right direction for emerging brands to connect with their core consumer, and for me to tap into my years of experience and connection to ski design and as an advocate for the industry. I’m really honored to be part of the RMU family.”

The Wiley Miller pro-model will be available on 12/18 and interested parties can follow the evolution of the ski at at www.RMUOutdoors.com from 12/16.

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