Wiley Miller | Athlete & Ski Designer

Wiley Miller | Athlete & Ski Designer

Entering his 7th season with RMU, we are revisiting Wiley Miller and his legacy of ski design. The YLE 118 Pro Model is entering its 6th season and has conquered more than thousand times that in descents. 

The YLE 188 has won numerous awards since its inception, and has remaining practically unchanged from its initial prototype. Designed in theory as an "all mountain ski" that loves the higher speeds and softer snow, the YLE is renown for one of the most dynamic powder skis out there.

The ski shines with its subtle symmetrical change tip and tail, particularly in deep powder, where it seamlessly navigates turns without a hint disturbance. It has also received widespread acclaim from media and athletes alike for its remarkable ability to pivot sharply, whether on groomed trails or in challenging crud, all the while retaining its big mountain potential.

The key to this remarkable adaptability lies in its dual radii design. With that subtle symmetry change tip and tail, the ski boasts a 25 meter radius in these areas, which truly bring the ski into its own in deep snow. When tackling the backcountry with the YLE 118, expect fluid, sweeping turns that minimize the risk of catching an edge on anything unexpected. 

In contrast, the radius underfoot and the cambered area of the YLE 118 measures 17 meters. This shorter radius enables nimble and agile turns, ideal for carving up resort terrain. Wiley's foresight in creating this dual radii system acknowledges the reality that not every resort run offers pristine, untouched snow. The YLE 118 offers versatility, seamlessly transitioning between powerful powder skiing and the crud of the resort, thanks to this 17-meter radius underfoot.

Our marketing of this multi-radii feature has changed a few times of these past 6 years. The question we've asked ourselves is, "how do we sell a ski that loves to charge fast, that turns really quick, but only when you want it to?" It turns out it's not that hard. The YLE 118 has become a staple in our lineup as a freeride ski with praise from every athlete we see on them. 

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