Apostle 96 Carbon
Apostle 96 Carbon
Apostle 96 Carbon
Apostle 96 Carbon

Apostle 96 Carbon

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  • 2025 Skis Ship Fall 2024
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Built With 100% Renewable Energy

The Ibex

Sprouting versatility and intuitiveness, the Apostle is our core ski. Every rider will jump on the Apostle's and find their own way to ski the mountain. A directional All-Mountain ski and, it provides stability underfoot but it's taper allows for quick release turns in choppy snow or tight tree runs. Progressive flex through the nose initiates quick and strong carves down groomers following through by bouncing over any hardpack crud thats gets in your way. From ex-racers to freestyle athletes and the corduroy lovers, the Apostle get everyone down the mountain the best way possible.

We manufacture all our Carbon skis in the same style and mindset; drop the weight, while IMPROVING performance. It is a continuously difficult task to find the right balance of wood and carbon-fiber to lighten the ski and new innovative methods to improve the ski, but we believe we've reached a new milestone. Our new carbon skis drop between 12 - 15% in weight and out perform all others. We are ecstatic on the results.

A newly improved carbon construction for 2023/2024, we have added in an ABS frame to surround the rubber material of the tip-spacer. This ABS frame significantly improves torsional rigidity throughout the ski, stiffens the nose for reduced chatter and continuity of flex throughout the ski.

  • Radius: 18.5 m
  • Sidecut: 110mm - 134mm - 96mm - 120mm - 106mm
  • 1612g At 184cm
  • Freeride Mount Point: 5 cm
  • Traditional Mount Point: 7 cm
  • Profile: 20% - 65%.- 15%
  • Tip Rise: 65 mm
  • Tail Rise: 26 mm
  • Rubber Tail Protector: Yes
  • Poplar and Paulownia Core With Beech Mount Plate. Tip Spacer Is Rubber with ABS Frame

Top Down Construction

  • ICP 8210 PI19 Nylon Topsheet
  • Extra Thick ABS Sidewall 8.5mm
  • 18Oz Pre-Preg Heavy Duty Biax Fiberglass
  • Aerospace Carbon Fiber Stringer
  • Poplar & Paulownia Wood Core With Beech Mounting Plate
  • Thin Felt To Increase Adhesion
  • Rubber and ABS Frame Tip and Tail Spacer For Superior Dampening
  • Aerospace Carbon Fiber Stringer
  • 26Oz Pre-Preg Heavy Duty Triax Fiberglass
  • Thin Felt To Increase Adhesion
  • Full Wrap Rubber VDS For Superior Dampening
  • Extra Thick Steel Edges 2.3mm
  • Okulen 7150 C Graphite Race Base

100% Renewable Energy

Using Hydro & Geothermal Energy, We Manufacture With Up To 75% Less CO2 Output

Find Your Adventure

Lifetime Warranty

Handcrafted and Built To Last A Lifetime.

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